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I was browsing around your store looking for a video camera or speaker to buy and I was criticizing some of the products under my breath because they were on the shelves with overpriced tags on them and many of the things didn't even work or were generic and being charged name brand prices in my opinion in return I was told to get the *** out of the store my manager Rodriguez first name Luis he refused to give me his bond is corporate bond information and I am requesting that as well as in conjunction with this complaint furthermore I don't know everything but in my personal opinion using logic I do not believe that is a professional way to deal with a customer who is unsatisfied personally my method if I had been in his position and I'd seen me the currently upset customer I would try to win the customer back by offering them a tour of some items that would be might be of use to him or ask him if he needed help finding anything in specific is demeanor was totally unconcerned and his action shows that he takes customers for grantedis attitude is take on customer service and his packed for dealing with upset customers reflect on why he's probably over pricing the items in his store because if I ran a store like that I would not expect to have many customers for long because he if I even see a customer being disregardedor disrespected in any store the first thing I would do is get involved and call corporate as a witness just because of the pattern I'm starting to see here in Tampa of store owners who think that they can treat their clientele as if they are just trash on the side of the foot. When these kind of things are allowed they become normal and if they become normal in your store I would assume your competition if they know how to run their show will have no problem putting your store out of business especially with the help of customers like me that have been set aside and treated unfairly embarrassed belittle and talk to rudely in your store lastly I would remind you that is to whom this may concern that my status as homeless observe special protections under the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution 14th amendment and while your store has been recognized by the courts to have a right to refuse service it cannot refuse service without good cause especially to a vulnerable class of persons as the courts say such as myself a disabled homeless man surprisingly the homeless bring more money into the stores and as long as they are acting accordingly should be treated the same as other customerslastly i would like to end this complaint by reminding whoever is reading that this guy the one who treated me unfair Ali is going to be the guy I'm making all the top decisions in that built in that business and generally does not have to answer to anybody unless somebody questions him before hand those kind of things have been proven in the past to be the root of corruption within a business.

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