2750 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
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Today is Saturday March 23rd I paid a visit to this value pawn on the corner of sligh and Armenia plaza in Tampa Florida standing at the desk was what seemed to be according to his uniform general manager Luis Rodriguez as I was shopping I was criticizing some of your items because of their poor quality and that the fact that they should not be on the shelves or that there should be some kind of noticed that they have these kind of defects such as no batteries missing chargers and other things of that sort in return for my criticism instead of what a professional businessman should do is show me quality items or guide me to something that I might need I was told that I can get the *** out of his store I have been receiving many rude comments and rude treatment from stores in my area and I feel like this is a community of people who are passing this down the line I think this needs to be cracked down on and something needs to be said about any customer being treated like this because there is no room for that in a store as far as my criticism goes as offensive as it is it is part of the business and I don't think anybody should punish me because of it and I'm sure the courts will agree with me.

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