Jasmine Estates, Florida
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I pawned a gun at Value Pawn, Brandon, Florida also known as EZ Corp out of Texas. When I went to pay loan and pick up gun, they informed me I had to have a background check (and pay for it) on myself for my own gun.

After calling ATF, I found this to be true. I also found out that the "Brady Act" and a Florida statue say's that the Pawn shop has to tell the person pawning the gun IN WRITING, that a background check was necessary. Had I known, I would have NEVER pawned. I have no Felonies but for some reason, I have had trouble in the past.

I was only loaned a small portion of the value. I WANT THE WHOLE VALUE!!

This pawn shop should not be in the gun business!! Shame that I have to pay to take these *** bags to court!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Jasmine Estates, Florida, United States #836803

Just discovered that the Brady Act also states that they could have surrendered the gun to me after 36 hours because I was not turned down to purchase until about a week. Once again, if I have my way they will be out of the gun business!

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